Endolite Standard Systems (K2)

This is the Endolite product range for Activity Level 2 (K2) patients who have the ability or potential for ambulation with the ability to traverse low level environmental barriers such as curbs, stairs or uneven surfaces. Typical of the limited community ambulator.

Foot Options


The stability and comfort provided by the navigator multi-axial prosthetic foot with flexible keel ensures that activity level 2 users are safer on uneven ground. The ankle center is positioned anatomically to promote a natural gait from heel strike to toe off.

Multiflex - standard

The Multiflex foot and ankle provide the activity level 2 user with comfortable multi-axial motion, which enhances stability. The low profile design with sandal toe allows for a more natural appearance.


A dynamic response prosthetic foot for activity level 3 users, designed for use with the Multiflex Ankle. The DR2 foot has a user adjustable carbon fiber toe spring that can be set for different terrain or activities.


The Epirus foot is a low profile multi-axial prosthetic foot for Level 3 activity, combines a compliant biomimetic ankle joint with e-carbon springs to offer superb gait symmetry and an energy efficient response.


The Esprit foot is a low profile foot for Level 3 users. It provide excellent energy response and is an ideal foot for longer residual limbs or where additional components are required.

Knee Options

4-Bar Knee with PSPC

Ideal for long residual limbs this combined polycentric and pneumatic knee offers users geometric stability with dynamic swing phase and low profile proximal build height.


Versatile knee with pneumatic swing phase control in a polycentric design which offers good sitting cosmesis. The knee has a training lock feature to assist users during rehabilitation in the early stages or for times when extra security may be helpful. 


Polycentric locking knee, which folds away for a low profile cosmetic line when sitting. The knee can be set to operate as either a SAKL for maximum security or an MKL where the user might be able to utilise the swing function in appropriate settings.