Endolite India team takes part in Kolkatta Marathon 2015

Endolite India team takes part in Kolkatta Marathon 2015
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A 25km Marathon 2014 was organized at Kolkata by Tata Steel on 20-Dec-2015. Beside the normal runners physically challenged participated in the run.

Endolite India fielded a team of Eight listed below, of its fitted patients. The field was co-ordinated by Mr. Rahul Dokania, Regional Manager (East).

  1. Rahul Dokania- Mr. Chandan Sublani (Jaipur Patient) EIL Brand Ambassador
  2. Simi Ghosal- Mr. Biswanath Nath (Kolkata Patient)
  3. Pratichi Mohapatra- Mr. Arijit Dasgupta (Kolkata Patient)
  4. Indrani Bhattacharya- Mr. Kapil Loghani (Kolkata Patient)
  5. Sayanta Das- Mr. Raja Dass (Kolkata Patient)
  6. Iquebal Khan- Mr. Sanjit Banik (Kolkata Patient)
  7. Debarati Paul- Mr. Soummajit Bhadra (Kolkata Patient)
  8. Athokpam Yogen Mr. Sourav Biswas (Kolkata Patient)
  9. Shaliny Banerjee- Mr. Afzal Khan (Kolkata Patient)
  10. Shushant Suna (Ranchi Patient) Registered for 25 KM run.

The event was well organized and the Endolite Team received a warm applause from the spectators. All the participants were awarded medals after the event.

The event has enhanced EIL image and given it wide publicity.

Photographs of the event along with news items pertinent are enclosed for your perusal please.