Endolite India supplies a wide range of orthotics products covering a variety of ailments including Paraplegia, PPRP (Polio), Osteo Arthritic Knee, Hyperextension knee problems and Hip disorders. The range covers dynamic & stance control orthotic knee joints like E-Knee, a Micro-processor based knee Joint, Full Stride, Safety Stride etc. The Company also handles Gel Care products. The range also includes Diabetic/Arthritic gel socks, digital pads & caps, heel pads & cups, toe spreaders and various protective foot care products.

Toe Off 1


Our range of AFO products includes ToeOFF® which is an advanced and very easy to use rehabilitation orthosis that helps the patient to live an active life. The orthosis stabilizes the ankle and foot and absorbs the forces at heel strike. This results in a more natural and dynamic gait. 

ToeOFF® is not only effective, it is also easy to use. It is very light-weight, easy to put on and take off, and easy to adjust. It is also comfortable to wear. The orthosis fits into the shoe like an insole and accommodates most shoes without having to increase shoe size.

Other products include the YPSILON and the Blue Rocker.


Knee Braces

Our range of orthotic knee braces help patients maintain effective control whilst reducing flexion limitation. They are light weight and easy to don and doff, improving the experience of the patient.


The Combo is a light weight, removable knee brace attachment for ToeOFF® that creates an innovative orthotic solution for the management of genu recurvatum. 

The range of OA knee brace orthoses (Lite, Everyday, Adjuster, Assist, Defiance) enable us to provide the right solution for the patients needs. The OA Everyday™ represents DonJoy’s easiest to use, prefabricated knee osteoarthritis brace and is ideally suited for activities of daily living. Anterior thigh and calf cuff allows for easy application with four straps that buckle into place. 

The Adjustable OA Defiance is an extremely lightweight brace that provides durable support for mild to moderate levels of osteoarthritis. The bilateral hinge bars offer support of ligament instabilities, as well as, a patented telescoping condyle pad that puts the load control in the hands of the patient.

Spinal Orthosis

BostonBraceThe Boston Scoliosis brace is globally recognized as the premiere system for the non-operative treatment of idiopathic scoliosis. The Boston Scoliosis Brace, which was developed in the 1970’s, is accepted as the primary orthotic solution at most of the hospitals by the renowned medical practitioners. Each brace is custom fitted by cast or measurement and made of non-cracking orthopaedic grade polymer with a hypo-allergic polyethylene foam liner for unsurpassed comfort.

Features include:

  • No need for casting, less burden for the patients
  • Significant time shorting of manufacturing: no casting, no modification/manufacturing of positive model, no moulding
  • PP material only, outlook is not obviously conspicuous
  • Compliance is much better
  • Brace is named according to the highest curve being teated by the brace like Lumbar brace, Throaco- Lumbar brace and Thoracic brace


Gel & Silicone

GelFootCushionWe supply an extensive range of gel and silicone based orthosis for a variety of applications. The advantages of gel and silicone are that they are anatomically designed to relieve pressure, protect and comfort and are hypoallergenic, washable and reusable. 

Our range includes:

  • Gel toe separator
  • Gel Metatarsal Ball of Foot Cushion
  • Silicone Adhesive Padding for Corns
  • All Gel Digital Cap
  • Gel Toe Crest
  • Gel Foot Cover
  • Bunion Care Gel Sleeve
  • Arthritic / Diabetic Gel Sock
  • Silicone Heel Cup
  • Full Length Insole
  • Silicone Arch Support