Motion Integrated Intelligence
Bluetooth Connectivity
Activity Level 3
Impact Level

Linx is the first fully integrated, microprocessor controlled, lower limb system available in the world. Every element is part of a design whole that balances energy, posture and sensation for a truly captivating walking experience. The revolution is the master controller that coordinates the Linx response so the different parts work together in harmony. 

The Linx product website has more information on the features and benefits as well as patient stories and feedback.

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  • Situational Awareness: Assists or brakes appropriately for speed and ramp ascent and descent
  • Standing Lock: On flexed knee or on ramps: secure, comfortable weight distribution
  • Ramp Dynamics: Progressive knee and foot resistance for controlled ramp descent

Smart Programming App

DownloadAppStoreDownloadGooglePlayProgramming Linx just got faster and simpler with the new Linx Programming App for clinicians available on iOS and Android. With its simple to follow automated smart programming, you can complete limb set up with fewer steps whilst still having access to more advanced fine tuning if required. 

This app is for clinicians who have completed a Blatchford approved training course and requires an authorisation code:

  1. Download the app from the App Store, search for “Linx programming”.
    If using an iPad please choose “iPhone Only” when searching.
  2. On first use, send the 8 digit “Authorisation Request Code” to your Blatchford representative.
  3. Enter the 12 digit code provided by your Blatchford representative into the app.
  4. Start programming Linx!

For support questions please contact Blatchford Technical Support at

* Compatible with all models of iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS v9 or later.

Technical Data

Size range


Component weight


Build Height


Heel height



Activity level:  3
Size range: 22 to 30
Component weight:  2.6kg
Build height:

475mm to 570mm

Heel height: 10mm

(component weight shown is for a size 26cm without a footshell)



LINX 25L 3 (D)
  Size Side Spring set Optional dark tone


Selection Chart

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Clinician Manual

User Guide

An annual visual inspection is recommended. Check for visual defects that may affect proper function. Maintenance must be carried out by competent personnel.

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Last updated: 12th July 2021

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