Upper Extremity

Endolite India supplies a variety of upper extremity prosthesis from some of the world’s best manufacturers.


The prosthetic hands that we supply are of the highest quality and meet a range of requirements so that the best solution can be found for each individual patient. We supply a variety of upper extremity solutions from cosmetic and mechanical through to advanced electronic limbs. 

The Select Myo Electric Hands is electrically operated and designed to meet the needs of most upper limb amputees. A powerful mechanism is provided, giving a grip force output suitable for most routine daily tasks.


Our range of prosthetic elbows includes automatic, manual and modular solutions as well as products especially for children.

One of the most durable elbow units currently available is the automatic elbow. It is available in 3 sizes, has 7 lockable positions and also incorporates a lockable humeral rotation feature. In addition, a free swing option is also provided. A prefabricated laminated forearm is also available in a choice of 4 shades and 4 wrist diameters to complete the limb prosthesis.

Available in two paediatric sizes, the Childs Friction Elbow provide parent adjustable friction Control of both flexion/extension as well as internal and external rotation. Side bars are provided to allow the attachment of a custom made forearm.