Upper Extremity Prosthesis

The Company also has a wide range of Hands. 

(a) Bionic Hand: A Bionic hand is an advanced myoelectric hand with each finger moves separately to grasp the object in a natural pattern. It works on the principle of a Myo hand and signal from the surface of the residual limb using electrodes. It has multiple grip patterns to choose from for better functional need and outcome.

The bionic hand is an externally powered prosthesis controlled by myoelectric signals, meaning it uses muscle signals in the patient’s residual limb to operate terminal hand, electrodes are placed on the user’s bare skin above two pre-selected muscle site. When a user contracts these muscles, the electrodes pick up the muscular single in the electrical pattern and send these signals to a microprocessor which instructs the hand to open and close. With this technology, the user will be able to hold intricately shaped objects with ease. The hand is programmed for individual needs and there are all together 18 grip pattern to chose from. The grip pattern can be changed suing a mobile app.

Bionic Hand








(b) Myo-Electrical: This is one of the most advanced systems available. It is controlled by muscle stimulation which is converted to electrical pulses which operate a motor that proves mechanical energy for operation i.e. opening and closing of Prosthetic Hand. It is powered by batteries. It has Myo-Electric Hand with PVC 0r a Silicone glove over it with two electrodes with Rechargeable Li-ion batteries with a mechanical elbow (for Trans Humeral Amputees). The prosthesis has an inner flexible and outer hard Socket with a harness for suspension. 

(c) Mechanical: It has a mechanical hand operated with body power with the help of cable attachments. It has Mechanica; hand with PVC or a Silicone glove over it with Mechanical Elbow (for Trans Humeral Amputees) with inner flexible and outer hard Socket with harness for suspension. 

(d) Cosmetic: It is purely for cosmetic proposes and does not have any function. It has Cosmetic Hand with PVC or a Silicone glove over it with Manual Free Motion or Mechanical Elbow (for Trans Humeral Amputees) with inner flexible and outer hard Socket with harness for suspension. 


Our range of prosthetic elbows includes automatic, manual and modular solutions as well as products especially for children.

One of the most durable elbow units currently available is the automatic elbow. It is available in 3 sizes, has 7 lockable positions and also incorporates a lockable humeral rotation feature. In addition, a free swing option is also provided. A prefabricated laminated forearm is also available in a choice of 4 shades and 4 wrist diameters to complete the limb prosthesis.

Available in two paediatric sizes, the Childs Friction Elbow provide parent adjustable friction Control of both flexion/extension as well as internal and external rotation. Side bars are provided to allow the attachment of a custom made forearm.