Elite BladeVT

Activity Level 3 4
Impact Level

The elite bladeVT prosthetic running foot offers powerful performance for high impact, Level 3-4, activities and sports. The blade flexibility combined with the shock absorber and rotation device enhance speed, agility and comfort.

The technology incorporates the proven endolite e-carbon tripod footspring design with an innovative and highly durable titanium axial spring which makes twisting and turning in the office, on the court or in the park with the kids, a smooth and comfortable experience, reducing stress on the back and other joints.


  • Powerful and dynamic forward progression
  • Precision machined spring for vertical compression and axial rotation
  • Controlled and efficient energy return
  • Independent e-carbon foot springs
  • Slimline design is easy to finish
  • Footshell and glide sock included


Max. user weight: 166kg
Activity level  3-4
Size range:  24cm-30cm
Component weight: 995g
Build height:  215mm – 380mm (min – max)
Heel height:  10mm

(component weight shown is for a size 26cm without a footshell)



EB 25L 5 VTM1
  Size Side Spring set Top housing

Optional dark tone


Selection Chart

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An annual visual inspection is recommended. Check for visual defects that may affect proper function. Maintenance must be carried out by competent personnel.

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Last updated: 15th July 2015

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