Activity Level 1 2
Impact Level

Unique fast assembly system for shower limbs

The water resistant Aqualimb prosthesis is designed for safe use in showers and wet rooms.


  • Integral shin and cosmesis
  • Rapid assembly
  • Full alignment device included
  • Anti-slip tread pattern on sole
  • Please call Customer services for a lead time on 80kg Aqualimb


Aqualimb TT

Max. user weight: 80kg system
100kg system
Activity level: 1-2
Size range: 22cm-27cm
Component weight: 1.39kg* 100kg
Build height:  280 to 415mm 100kg
100 to 415mm 80kg
Heel height:  5mm

 (component weight shown is for a size 26cm foot)

Aqualimb TF

Max. user weight: 100kg
Activity level: 2
Size range: 22cm-27cm
Component weight: 2.0kg
Build height:  400 to 585mm
Heel height:  5mm



Aqualimb TT

100kg part number:

Size Left Right
22cm 629705L 629706L
23cm 629707L 629708L
24cm 629709L 629710L
25cm 629711L 629712L
26cm 629713L 629714L
27cm 629715L 629716L


80kg part number:

Size Left Right
22cm 629405LF 629406LF
23cm 629407LF 629408LF
24cm 629409LF 629410LF
25cm 629411LF 629412LF
26cm 629413LF 629414LF
27cm 629415LF 629416LF


An annual visual inspection is recommended. Check for visual defects that may affect proper function. Maintenance must be carried out by competent personnel.

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Last updated: 15th July 2015

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